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The HealthSmartID card system is the only portable medical record that operates at the point of service, provides a synchronized patient portal as well as a patient folder on a central repository of data all working together to ensure that patient medical information is available to caregivers across the entire spectrum of a patient's care.

All that is needed to join the HealthSmartID network is an HSID kit (SmartCard reader, CD and users manual) and an Internet connection. CSS also develops application interfaces to integrate with caregiver's electronic medical records or practice management systems to provide instant and accurate patient identification.

Caregivers can contribute and access patient medical information and data including Medications, dosages, preexisting conditions, lab reports, and other files and data in a HIPAA compliant environment. Each HealthSmartID cardholder has an associated patient web portal that the HealthSmartID card synchronizes with and allows a patient to view and manage his/her own medical record from any computer anywhere in the world. Additionally, the patient web portal offers links to all manner of health related web sites providing medical information, terminology, wellness and other programs that enable a patient to take a more active role in their healthcare regimen.

  • Biometric authentication insures that only patients who have paid for services can receive them and guarantees the integrity of data

  • Provides each card holder with an associated patient web portal that satisfies many of the meaningful use patient centric criteria entitling providers to government subsidies

  • Reduces fraud using picture on chip technology. A picture of the cardholder resides on the face of the card and is also encrypted onto the chip itself. When accessed the picture is presented on PC screen.

  • Greatly reduces duplicate medical records virtually eliminating costs associated with medical records reconciliation.

  • Reduces insurance claim rejections due to incorrect demographic and other information that impacts cash flow.